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A worldwide Internet Community created for those who have Sjogren's Syndrome. It is a place for all to meet and share experiences and knowledge with others who live with Sjogren's in order to improve quality of life. The loneliness and isolation that often accompanies living with this *rare* disease need not be. We are a 501(C)(3) organization. For a PDF file about Sjogren's World to print or take to meetings, click here.

We invite you to use any or all of our resources, as described below: 


  • Read about Who We Are. There you can also find information about Sjogren's World and also meet the Sjogren's World Staff.

  • Sjogren's World Forums: If you are seeking "someone like you," have general comments and concerns, or are asking for help, our multiple message boards are for you! Do you have a personal tip that you would like to share with others? How about some good news to share? A specific question about an area affected by Sjogren's? Leave a message and before you know it, there will be comments from our users. Below are our most active boards:

    • Living with Sjogren's is a friendly place to discuss living with Sjogren's Syndrome, and the many ways it impacts daily life. Postings on this forum board reflect the experiences and opinions of its members and are not endorsed by Sjogren's World. Disclaimer.
    • Living Life in Spite of Sjogren's: is a social gathering place where members can meet new friends, share some fun and show the personal sides of our lives, as we carry on with life outside the confines of Sjogren's.
  • The Path to Diagnosis board is designed as a handy reference for the various tests used to diagnosis Sjogren's Syndrome, a bit about how they are done, and what the various results may mean. If you have questions about your personal test results, you may get more responses on the "Living With Sjogren's" board.

  • Visit our Live chat instructions for information on where to go and how to chat live. If you already know, click here to sign in and chat!

  • Neurological Connections is the place to read articles and abstracts about the neurological problems associated with Sjogren's Syndrome.

  • Useful Links on the Forum is the place to find a collection of links to sites offering useful information regarding Sjogren's Syndrome, its diagnosis, treatment, and research. Please feel free to share any links you find that you feel will be helpful. 

  • There is also a Sjogren's World Book Club board, where you can read and/or comment about Sjogren's related books.

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